Board of Directors

The CURE Board of Directors is made of up to 15 elected members. They may serve three two year terms or a total of six years, then must wait one year to serve for another six years unless appointed by the current board.

Board members share: Why have you chosen to serve on the CURE Board?

  • Jim Falk
    I believe CURE has the right perspective to make a positive change in our community through action and education. I served on the CURE board several years ago and I feel that I can again be an asset to board with my experience in the ag sector and also as a renewable energy producer-consumer.
  • Antonio Marmolejo
    I chose to serve on the CURE board to be a part of those promoting CURE’s model of grassroots activism which allows for the creation of new leaders and the empowerment of communities.
  • Margaret Kuchenreuther
    I am drawn to CURE by its mission and vision because I am passionate about conserving high quality habitat for Minnesota's native species and about fostering a harmonious relationship between people and the land.
  • Tom Kalahar, Vice Chair
    Without clean water and healthy soil, we are headed towards an ecological collapse. We can still fix the mess we have made but time is running out.
  • Karen Flom
    During my time working at the Renville County Soil & Water Conservation District, I encountered CURE staff & board at various meetings and functions. I always found them to be passionate and knowledgeable and felt honored when they asked me to be on the board after my retirement.
  • Pete Kennedy, Chair
    I hope to encourage more active roles on issues that have a direct impact on the river.
  • Glen Jacobsen, Member at Large
    I have chosen to serve on the CURE board because it is an opportunity for me to contribute to an organization that is doing what I can’t do by myself.
  • Lance Lindeman
    I have chosen to serve on the Board of CURE because it is truly a grassroots organization that is passionate about the future of our water, air, and soil.
  • Athena Kildegaard
    I like the Minnesota River, and I am eager to advocate for it.
  • Sue Wika
    As a farmer and sociologist, I appreciate CURE's multi-faceted approach to the rural landscape. As CURE protects and enhances natural resources, the organization also builds human capital. And I appreciate CURE's commitment to tackling tough energy issues.
  • Misty Butler
    I was raised with a deep appreciation for nature and the environment. My parents' involvement in CURE in their retirement years piqued my interest. I like the social and educational nature of the events that I have been involved in and really enjoy meeting people with similar values.
  • Glenn Gelhar, Treasurer
    I believe CURE takes positive actions to preserve and protect our planet, and I am proud to participate in any way I can.
  • Brad Fernholz
    I have a desire for social justice, peace, and a healthy planet for future generations.
  • Brian Wojtalewicz, Secretary
    I joined the board to try to protect this wondrous green planet we live on, and because I’m so curious.

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