Board of Directors

The CURE Board of Directors is made of 12 elected members. They may serve three two year terms or a total of six years, then must wait one year to serve for another six years unless appointed by the current board.

Glen JacobsonGlen Jacobsen, Board Chair, elected in 2013


Renville County Asst. Co. Attorney, Bird Island

Glen “Jake” Jacobsen was born in Albert Lea, where he became an Eagle Scout and later graduated from St. Olaf College in 1979, and law school at William Mitchell College of Law in 1987. He is currently the assistant County Attorney of Renville County.  Jake is an avid canoeist and kayaker who has taken part in many of CURE’s outings, and he is a Minnesota Master Naturalist.  Jake currently serves as the Chair of the Board.



Brian WojtalewiczBrian Wojtalewicz, Board Vice-Chair, appointed in 2013

Attorney-at-law, Appleton

Brian previously served on the CURE board from 1999 to 2006, part of that time as Board Chair.  He is a trial attorney located in Appleton, MN specializing in personal injury cases.  Brian is experienced in canoeing and kayaking our area rivers as well as biking the trails around this part of the state.  Brian and his wife Janine have two adult children. Brian currently serves at the Vice-chair of the Board.


 Brad Fernholz_profile photoBrad Fernholz, elected in 2015

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 28311_402875405674_950950_nGlenn Gelhar, elected in 2015

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Holly Hatlewick, elected in 2015

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Jennifer HoffmanJennifer Hoffman, elected in 2011

Watershed Specialist, Chippewa River Watershed Project, Montevideo

Jennifer Hoffman was born in Benson, Minnesota and has a degree in Environmental Biology and Chemistry from Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, MN.  Jenn is a Watershed Specialist with the Chippewa River Watershed Project.  She loves the Minnesota Twins and spending time with her son Jack.



Jen_KaderJen Kader, elected in 2014

Volunteer and Outreach Manager, Great River Greening, Minneapolis

Jen Kader currently serves as the Volunteer and Outreach Manager for Great River Greening where she coordinates and plans the organization’s volunteer recruitment and events, outreach efforts, and youth education programs.  Jen received her BA in International Relations from Wartburg College and a certificate in Community-Based Development from Colorado State University.  Beginning this fall, she intends to pursue a Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning with a concentration in Community-Based Climate Change   Adaptation, emphasizing soil and water conservation.  Her professional background includes a VISTA term as the Assistant Sustainability Coordinator for Wartburg College and working for different organic farms and CSA operations before becoming the community organizer for the Whittier neighborhood in south Minneapolis.  In 2013, she worked for Conservation Corps and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the area of water recreation and stewardship and completed the Master Water Steward program. Jen is an avid cyclist, urban gardener, and strong local foods proponent concerned about environmental justice and climate change. Her email is



Tom_Kalahar copy

Tom Kalahar, elected 2014

District Technician, Renville Soil and Water Conservation Service, Olivia

Tom Kalahar has worked as the District Technician, Renville Soil and Water Conservation Service for more than 30 years.  He played an instrumental role in enrolling thousands of acres of critical sensitive land from being cropped into temporary and permanent easements. Renville County has more CREP acres than any county in the Minnesota Basin. Recently Tom has also led protection efforts of the granite outcroppings of the Minnesota River, protecting some of the smallest and most temporary wetlands harboring the rarest of plants.

“We need to start teaching our children that not only is it bad business to destroy the rain forest it is equally as bad to convert 99.9 percent of the prairie and drain 95 plus percent of the wetlands!!! We just don’t do a very good job of admitting that we have made some huge mistakes in the past and the present. I can get an answer from most students on the importance of a rain forest thousands of miles away but none of them know a damn thing about their own backyard!!! Education is the Key!!!! We can change our behavior but first we have to admit we have a problem.”

He can be contacted at



Peter KennedyPeter Kennedy, appointed in 2013

Engineering Manager at SpecSys in Montevideo, Murdock

In his position Peter Kennedy supports the CURE staff and members and helps fundraise for the organization so that it can make changes in the environment and community. Peter hopes to encourage more active roles on issues that have a direct impact on the river. Specifically, he wants to make bold and local strides against climate change in rural Minnesota’s current farm drainage system. Peter also serves as treasurer for the Swift County DFL party and he and his wife both belong to the Minnesota Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy. In his spare time, Peter enjoys gardening, landscaping, home improvement, camping, and hiking on his farm outside of Murdock. He also enjoys birding and hiking along the river. Peter holds a BA in physics from the College of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn.

To contact Peter, email


Athena KildegaardAthena Kildegaard, elected in 2015


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Margaret Kuchenreuther, elected in 2014

Biology Faculty at the University of Minnesota, Morris

Margaret Kuchenreuther is a member of the biology faculty at the University of Minnesota, Morris, specializing in plant ecology and conservation biology.  Her current on-farm research focuses on how to manage stands of perennial native prairie plants for use as a biofuels feedstock while maximizing the ecosystem services they provide, including protection of water quality.

“As an avid naturalists and birdwatcher, I want to see Minnesota’s landscape be a welcoming habitat for our state’s native plant and animal species.  CURE has been a strong and important voice for preserving and enhancing Minnesota’s natural heritage, and I look forward to deeper involvement in its efforts.”

To contact Margaret, email


Tom Prieve, elected in 2014

Educator, Veterinarian and Farmer, Ashby

Tom Prieve is an educator with Minnesota State Fergus Falls, where he teaches courses in equine science and environmental science issues.  He is a practicing veterinarian and co-owner of Paradox Farm with Sue Wika. Paradox Farm is a diversified livestock and produce farm in the oak savannah of southern Ottertail County.  The headwaters of the Pomme de Terre watershed flow across the NE corner of the land.

“CURE’s leadership is an example of the holistic vision needed to ensure healthy and vibrant communities and watersheds in Minnesota.  CURE’s concern for the future is demonstrated in the taking on of projects such as “Don’t Worry; We’ve Got This” – A Gathering of Rising Leaders and CURE’s support of grassroots campaigns like Stand For Food.  As an educator in a MNSCU classroom, as well as on the farm, I realize and appreciate the effort to engage and empower youth towards an authentic, inclusive environmental movement.”

Tom may be reached at