Water Fleet


CURE has a limited number of kayak and canoes with trailers that are available to CURE members to use for paddling outings.  There is a $10 per person or $35 per family (living in the same household) fee that goes towards replacement and repairs of our fleet.  Reservations are required with a minimum of 48 hours notice upon availability. You should call the office to make your reservation to ensure that there is equipment available. 320-269-2984 once you have your reservation, you may secure your reservation with payment here.

Members are responsible to pick up and return vessels during regular business hours. CURE is generally open from 9 am to 5 pm. All reservations must be picked up no later than 4 pm. Members should plan for at least 30 to 45 minutes to pick up and return equipment. Equipment must be returned clean and in the same condition as it was when checked out or a cleaning fee of $50 will be assessed per vessel.

For those members wishing to reserve a trailer to transport the vessels, members must have their own ball-hitch. Members will need to bring in a current driver’s license as well as proof of auto insurance for the vehicle hauling the trailer. CURE currently owns 3 trailers.

Vessels are available to individuals as well as families if their annual CURE membership is current. All parties must be in the same household. Members may have up to six guests per year at the cost of $10 per guest per day.

Click here to become a CURE member.

Appropriate forms need to be completed by all parties and fees paid prior to picking up vessels. See below for links to the forms you will need.

  1. CURE Events & Adventures Reservation & Itinerary Form (one form per reservation for group)
  2. CURE Membership Verification Form (one form for each member household)
  3. CURE Events & Adventures Participant Acknowledgement of Risk (one per person)
  4. CURE Events & Adventures Participant Information Form (one per person)

The person making the reservation is taking responsibility for the group and for all the equipment that is being checked out. This includes any damages, loss or theft as well as cleaning equipment.