“Drop-in Art Night” a hit in Granite Falls


Drop-in Art Night at K.K. Berge

Brad Hall working on his designs for next year's calendar

So far, there have been three “Drop-in Art Nights” at the K.K. Berge building along the Minnesota River in Granite Falls on Wednesday nights. The social experiment seems to be working!

Connecting with each other while creating art

Franz at work

There were various activities going on such as drawing, talking, carving, sculpting, and most important of all, connecting. Both nights achieved our goal of allowing people to meet new people and to share ideas, whatever they may be.

Great conversation

All ages have been showing up each night to just talk or create a piece of art. There are artists present every night with art supplies available for others to join in or to just watch!

Violin playing, great music

Pastels on velvet material

Conversations have ranged from topics such as technology and computers to public art mosaic murals. There is never a shortage of what may be brought up for discussion during these Drop-in Art Nights. In fact, many come each Wednesday night to do just that: talk.

Enjoying the coffee and meeting new people

Tamara Isfeld, artist and teacher


We plan to have these Drop-in Art Nights on a consistent basis (Wednesday nights) throughout the summer. Artist and Renville County West Art Teacher, Tamara Isfeld along with another art teacher have plans to utilize the space upstairs of the K.K. Berge for creating art during the summer as well as hosting the Drop-in Art Nights every Wednesday.


Tamara Isfeld


One last thing, we are definitely looking forward to when the popcorn stand on Main Street opens up for the season so that we can serve the ever popular Granite Falls Kiwanis popcorn during the summer!

Molly and Sara zen doodling

Creating art and talking

Check out this short and wonderful video about Drop-in Art Night that was created by Scott Tedrick, Editor of the Granite Falls Advocate Tribune. There is also an article about Drop-in Art Night that was featured in the local newspaper.