From Dumping Ground to National Treasure

Butch Halterman
For the past 20 years CURE has been organizing cleanups in the Upper Minnesota River watershed.
First clean up
First clean up
This past Earth Day we brought together 25 volunteers for about 3 hours of work surrounding the new Chippewa County Park along the Minnesota River in Wegdahl.
The clean up crew for 2012 Earth Day Clean Up
The load of garbage collected
The clean up netted about 600 pound of trash, a couple of discarded TVs, an old refrigerator, about 17 tires, and 2 deer skulls. We also sent a crew to spruce up the DNR Camp Release Canoe Campsite along the Minnesota River just north of Montevideo’s Crossings golf course.
Clean up crew at camp site
Camp site clean up crew
CURE is working with the DNR and other citizen groups up and down the river to get the Minnesota River ready to live up to the name of  the America’s Great Outdoors National Blueway designation we hope to earn next year.
First clean up
Twenty years ago, when CURE was first started by citizens from the Montevideo and Granite Falls area, nobody cared about this river that bears our state’s name.  For 100 years, the river had been treated like a giant drainage ditch, an open sewer, and a dumping ground.
First clean up
Today, thanks to the efforts of many, the river is making a comeback.  Our dream is that one day a clean river economy will be based on the protection of natural rock outcrops, the restoration of prime fishing, hiking and birdwatching habitat, and the development of vibrant and creative downtowns in the communities of the Upper Minnesota River watershed.
Highway clean up crew
Enjoying food and fire after the clean up work
We invite you to join with us in making this dream come true.  Subscribe to this blog and share it with your friends.  Plan on coming to the 20th Annual CURE River and History Weekend in Wegdahl on May 18, 19 & 20. We hope to see you there!