Girls Rule at Fishing

Girls Rule Fishing Group

Starting at Kinney Landing just outside of Granite Falls, five fisherwomen met to learn the basics of river fishing. We discussed safety rules and looked at an identification map of Minnesota fish. What could we catch in the river? Shortly after putting our lines in the water, we realized that Kinney Landing may not have been the best choice for fishing. Our lines repeatedly snagged on the boat ramp. The group decided to move to Memorial Park in Granite Falls instead.


Fishing was successful at Memorial Park after we found the right spot. We hiked across the rocks to a muddy but calm area of the river. Once there, it did not take long to start catching some fish. CURE Members Liliana and Megan Ulrich caught five fish together. Freshwater Drum and Channel Catfish were the species of the day.

When fishing was done, CURE members Leena and Reena Petrich, and Peg Furshong put on gloves and started cleaning up the riverbank. In just under 45 minutes, they picked up two full garbage bags of trash along with some bigger items. The amount of trash was astonishing in this small area, but the impromptu river cleanup was just what Memorial Park needed.


I was happy to have the opportunity to teach this group of girls. They really were a fun, and I was impressed to see the girls get dirty while picking up the trash along the river with no complaints. CURE members enjoy the river and will work hard to keep it clean.

Blog Post by Diana Moe, CURE 2013 Intern