CURE’s newest addition to our team

Ariel Herrod

By Kylie Jacobsen, CURE Blog Contributor

CURE is a good fit for new hire, Ariel Herrod. For the next six months, Herrod will work as the Programming Assistant and is excited to begin connecting the arts community with the water quality community.

“I really like this community,” Herrod said, “plus I’ve done a lot of work in the environment and I feel like my previous skills and knowledge keep me going in the direction CURE is headed. It’s a great fit – water quality and river health.”

Although a Maryland native, Herrod feels a sense of responsibility to the Upper Minnesota River Watershed community, especially because of its proximity to the Mississippi River.

“This watershed is my home now and it not only influences the quality of our nation’s waters, but also outside of the nation,” Herrod said.

Her interest in environmental sustainability sparked in freshmen science classes and she pursued that interest at Macalester College in St. Paul by earning a double major in environmental studies and geography. Previously, Herrod worked for Urban Roots (formally The Community Design Center) where she promoted garden education to high school youth in East Saint Paul.

Since her recent move, Herrod hopes to offer a unique perspective to CURE and to get involved in community organizations such as the Montevideo Quilting Club.

“I’m a gardener and I like handcrafts; needle work, embroidery, and quilting,” said Herrod, who is the third generation of a tailor and a seamstress.

A goal of CURE’s is to promote sustainable living in young adults, and Herrod believes her situation speaks well to that mission.

“I feel very fortunate – CURE has given me a job, a place to stay, and has been very helpful,” Herrod said. “CURE is doing the work they say they are going to do.”

To contact Ariel, email