Makeover Coming to CURE Annual Celebration

River History Crowd

CURE’s Annual Meeting will take on a new look in 2014.

CURE Senior Director, Duane Ninneman, announced today that CURE’s biggest celebration will have a new look next year.

Our usual dinner and cocktails, silent auction and awards event is being redesigned to be more family friendly, outdoors focused, with more opportunities to engage a broader cross section of CURE’s membership and the public.  The event will also answer member calls for more workshops and featured presentations.

This year’s celebration will coincide with CURE’s annual Rivers and History Weekend: Celebrating the Upper Minnesota River Watershed, May 1st through the 4th, and will kick off a month of special events and programs throughout the Upper Minnesota River Watershed.

According to CURE Communications and Engagement Director, Sarina Otaibi, the new event will attract a wider community of interest and will especially appeal to young adults looking for a fun weekend adventure.

CURE’s annual business meeting will be held earlier in 2014 with a date soon to be announced to CURE members.