CURE Senior Director assumes Clean Energy Responsibilities

Duane Ninneman

CURE Senior Director, Duane Ninneman, has agreed to serve as RE-AMP’s Clean Energy Working Group leader for the next three years.  Ninneman was appointed to lead the working group as its interim leader in April 2013 and has now assumed a three-year term following an uncontested election.

RE-AMP, which stands for Renewable Energy Alignment Mapping Project, is a network of over 160 nonprofits and foundations across eight Midwestern states working on climate change and energy policy. RE-AMP brings environmental, labor, faith, youth, energy, conservation and other groups together to share one audacious goal: to reduce regional global warming emissions 80% (from 2005 levels) by 2050. The Network has used systems analysis to inform its strategic approach to help solve the biggest energy challenges in the Midwest.


CURE has been a RE-AMP member since 2005 when it joined forces with other groups to oppose the construction of the Big Stone II coal-fired power plant.

“My job as RE-AMP’s Clean Energy Working Group leader is to facilitate interaction between top-level clean energy thinkers to keep us on target to reach our global warming pollution reduction goals,” Ninneman stated.  “We promote technology, policy, and regulatory tools needed to meet and accelerate renewable energy targets state by state.  It is also our goal to drive down the costs of emerging energy technology and foster the support of renewable energy by enabling local renewable energy manufacturing, generation, and ownership.”  RE-AMP Working Group leaders also serve on RE-AMP’s steering committee.

Ninneman stated that CURE’s voice on climate and energy issues is magnified by its RE-AMP network affiliation.  “The partnerships forged with organizations in the network have expanded CURE’s capacity, and we have brought a much needed rural perspective to RE-AMP network discussions.”