CURE Welcomes a New Watershed Sustainability Program Coordinator


Ariel Herrod

Ariel Herrod joined CURE in November 2013, but she will take on new responsibilities as she dons the title Watershed Sustainability Program Coordinator in 2014.

Thus far at CURE, Herrod has been doing research, writing on critical issues, and lending other staff general support. But, she has also been digging deeper into the work of CURE’s Watershed Sustainabilty Program and meeting and talking with key leader’s in the regional watershed movement. Herrod stated that,

having the opportunity to attend conferences and meetings to see what others in the area are doing to address water quality and landscape-based environmental challenges is a big part of why I’m so excited to take this job.  I’m looking forward to being a part of the greater community involved in supporting healthy watersheds across the region.

Herrod’s previous experience is rich with work that has involved public outreach and hands-on environmental education.  She has also had farm experience in the Minnesota River watershed and considers herself a healthily integrated (though new) member of the vibrant sustainable farming community in the area.

Herrod’s new responsibilities will continue to take advantage of her communications skills as she develops and strengthens the CURE Watershed Council Network, which will seek to unite and organize the efforts of the broad variety of actors involved in efforts to preserve the sustainability of local watersheds. The expansion of the Watershed Sustainability Program is funded in part by a grant from the McKnight Foundation and the support of CURE’s member/donors.

Herrod has a BA in Environmental Studies and Geography from Macalester College with training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which is used to produce maps and analyze spatial information.