It’s good to have a plan.

CURE Members

“In 2014, CURE will be a well-run, high-functioning, impactful organization that clearly communicates its mission and goals to its funders, supporters, and the public.”

Nonprofits love this kind of language, and for CURE, the intent is sincere. It underpins our work. But let’s spell it out.

CURE has a user-friendly, three-part work plan for 2014. This year, CURE will reach its goal of financial sustainability. CURE will evolve as an effective rural-based environmental leader buoyed by the individual leadership of our diverse members. And, CURE will never forget that celebrating our natural world is the wellspring of our passion.

Financial Sustainability

First, bringing home the bacon is a challenge for most nonprofits. It’s especially challenging for a small rural organization far from the urban network where nonprofits and foundation leaders rub shoulders daily. In the past, CURE was seen as an outlier, a mission post on the frontier, a marginal player. Yet we have grown, and CURE ended 2013 financially stable and in the black. We appreciate that our foundation funders, members, and donors continue to generously support us as we grow. Today, those who know us in the greater statewide environmental network recognize CURE for our capacity, clout, and effectiveness in moving meaningful water and climate strategy forward. We have our champions, both locally and in the larger environmental community, and our success hinges on these partnerships to carry our work forward.

An Effective Rural-Based Environmental Leader

The second part of CURE’s work plan first requires that we meet the challenges with strength and confidence. Threats to watershed sustainability and water quality concerns are on the rise. Measuring the damage already done continues. The impacts of climate change become increasingly obvious. And, that incessant drumbeat from our opponents to slash existing environmental protections gets louder.

Thus, we must wisely and strategically plan for long-term remedies and advance sustainable solutions. This means that we will align our work with other like-minded organizations and groups and demand changes in public policy, as this is the only pragmatic way to move scalable solutions and progressive policy in the right direction. We will be bolstered, of course, by the indispensable grassroots support of our core members, knowing that every CURE member is a potential leader. CURE’s pool of talent runs wide and deep, and we are confident that leaders will continue to emerge and will rise to the challenge when encouraged and supported.

Celebrating our Natural World

The third part of CURE’s 2014 work plan is to pause and celebrate the natural world that we all strive to protect. You can only struggle with a problem and the work required to solve it for so long before a walk in the woods, a trip down the river, or a bike ride across the prairie calls to refresh the spirit. CURE’s Events and Adventures program was created to bring CURE people together to experience a wide range of outdoor activities and public events and to provide easy entry into the CURE community. We believe that in all things, we are better together. The magnificence of our world captures us and our community inspires us. We are up to the challenge, and… it’s good to have a plan.