Official Notice of CURE Board of Directors Elections

CURE Board of Directors

In 2015, six positions will be up for election and at present, incumbents Glen Jacobsen (Bird Island) and Peter Kennedy (Murdock) will be running for re-election. The annual meeting and election are scheduled for Saturday, April 18 at the Maynard Events Center located at 341 Cynthia Street, Maynard, MN.

The CURE by-laws state that directors serve two-year terms and are eligible for re-election for up to five consecutive terms as per state law. Directors will be elected by the members present at the annual meeting.  Candidates receiving the most votes shall fill the vacancies.  No candidate for the board shall be allowed without prior vetting by the Board Development Committee at least 7 days prior to the meeting.  The Board Development Committee shall recommend or not recommend the candidate to the membership.

CURE’s Board of Directors oversees the mission and operations of the organization.   Board members are expected to serve on a limited number of committees, volunteer at CURE events when possible, represent the organization at certain regional events, and help CURE raise money.

Candidates must be CURE members to run for election.  Someone who is not currently a member should become one before stepping up to run.  Members may nominate themselves or be nominated by another CURE member.

In addition to being a CURE member, candidates must be 18 years old at the time of the election. They must also support CURE’s mission and commit the time needed to attend meetings and to participate fully in Board governance.

Nominations to the Board will be reviewed by CURE’s Board Development Committee.  Although anyone who meets the qualifications listed above may stand for election and be listed on the ballot, the Board Development Committee will recommend a slate of preferred candidates from the nomination pool that are thought to best serve the needs of the Board and organization at this time.  Diversity, gender, and certain skill sets will be considered when identifying preferred candidates.  Nominations must be received by the CURE Office by Saturday, April 11, 2015Nominations from the floor are not permitted.

If you would like to nominate yourself or nominate someone else as a candidate for the CURE Board of Directors, please contact Dixie Tilden by emailing her at or call the CURE office at 320-269-2984 if you have any questions or concerns.