CURE Is Thankful for Support on Give to the Max Day

Otter Give Graphic_THANK YOU_social mediaOn the 7th annual Give to the Max Day, $18.3 million dollars was raised for more than 5,500 Minnesota nonprofits and schools. This was CURE’s 5th year participating in the 24-hour philanthropy spree, and it was a success! 54 people donated an average of $78.39 per person for a total of $4,233. This amount is an increase from our 2014 total of $3,005 donated by 34 donors.

Two things made a difference in our 2015 Give to the Max Day results. The first is that we were awarded our first GiveMN “Golden Ticket” bringing in an additional $1,000 to the organization. Secondly, CURE staff pledged $2,500 for 2016 through our sustained giving program if we raised at least $2,500 from our members and donors on November 12th. The total for the day was $5,233 with an additional $2,500 coming in through monthly pledges in 2016.

“I always find this event interesting to participate in for a variety of reasons. First of all, it provides insight about the generosity of Minnesotans and calls on people to support nonprofits and schools,” said Peg Furshong, Director of Operations & Constituent Engagement. “Secondly, there are always a few donors that make a financial contribution, and we know nothing about them. It insights a bit of curiosity among the staff and board to learn what motivated those individuals with no obvious connection to the organization to invest in the work we do.”