CURE Welcomes Professional Fellow From China

Ms. Tan Liya

Ms. Tan Liya

Join us in welcoming Tan Liya to CURE!  Ms. Tan comes to CURE as a part of a professional exchange funded by the US State Department and directly managed for CURE and Ms. Tan by the National Committee on US China Relations.

After graduating from Beijing Sport University with a BA in journalism, Ms. Tan Liya became a business reporter at the Beijing Times newspaper. Four years later, she transferred to the Beijing News, and from there went to the magazine Passenger, where she was chief editor of the south China edition.

In 2013, she returned to her hometown, Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, and joined a local environmental NGO, Green Anhui. She is in charge of fundraising, public relations, nature education and green community programs; they encourage residents to participate in public affairs, thus invigorating the community while reducing resource consumption and raising awareness of the need for environmental protection.

Ms. Tan will be working at CURE from May 2 to May 27.