CURE member volunteers to raise money for outdoor programs


The statement “the little engine that could” is often used when an unassuming individual takes on a large task with relentless determination.  On an afternoon last spring, longtime CURE member, Jianhua ‘Chen’ Qian came into the office and offered to use his ‘pedal power’ to raise money for CURE outdoor programs.  As an avid biker and outdoor enthusiast, this seemed like a natural opportunity to combine his love of biking with his long standing commitment in support of CURE’s work.

For several years he has participated in a bike trip across the state of Iowa that historically begins with the back tire in the Missouri River and ends with the front tire in the Mississippi River.  The event starts in different locations each year but is roughly a 400 mile trek across the rolling cornfields of Iowa.

The 2016 affair began in Glenwood, IA on July 23 and ended on July 30 in Shenandoah.  Chen was joined by other CURE members Celeste, Mark and Emma Suter, Vicki and Keith Poier, as well as Kevin Hein. CURE would like to thank Celeste and Kevin for submitting photos along the way and for all of you who contributed to Chen’s effort.  Visit our blog post about the ride to learn more about Chen and his journey.

Through your support, Chen raised $1,268.00 for CURE.  Funds raised will become the seed money for a new series of programs that will focus on connecting people of all ages with nature.  If you didn’t get a chance to donate and would still like to contribute you can click here or call the office and we will help you with your investment in this new outdoor program.

July 30 with Chen’s front tire in the Mississippi River in Shenandoah.