Some gifts don’t fit in a box

More Joy

My name is Anne Borgendale. I’m CURE’s Communications & Program Associate and I invest in CURE.

For the past 25 years CURE has been working in the heart of rural Minnesota. One area of that work is connecting people to nature. That might sound quaint; however, a canoe trip CURE sponsored the summer I was 17 years old changed my life.

That summer my high school offered “The Minnesota River Expedition.” CURE provided material support for the trip. Two teachers and twenty teenagers paddled the entire length of the Minnesota River. Before this, I had never paddled for more than an afternoon, and I had never gone camping.

There are many stories to be told from that trip—my family will tell you I couldn’t shut up about it for the rest of the year. What truly remains 18 years later though are the more significant connections from that trip, and the confidence it inspired in a shy kid. I developed a love of paddling—and the knowledge that I have the fortitude to overcome physical and mental challenges. Experiencing my home state from its namesake river helped me to see firsthand the consequences of industrial row crop agriculture on the land—and this has shaped the path my life and career have taken. Once the trip was over CURE had us present our story to community groups across the region. These presentations helped me conquer my fear of public speaking. I also developed friendships with community members of all ages that I still have today.

My story, this story, of profound outcomes through experiences in nature, is just one of the reasons why it is essential for you to support CURE financially. It is more than one canoe trip. It is giving kids the gift of a better vision of themselves and what their world can be. You are helping shape our future leaders who see the bigger picture and have the courage and the voice to stand up for a better vision of Minnesota, and the world, for all us. This is work worth investing in; the dividends are huge.

More Connections

Every day I’m thankful that CURE provided me an opportunity to connect with nature and helped me become a more engaged citizen. However, this is just one area of CURE’s work. As we close the year, CURE continues its longtime advocacy work around climate change, clean energy, and water. This work is possible because of you, our members and donors, and your support of vibrant communities and robust environments—a Minnesota where all citizens can thrive.

In 2018, CURE is looking forward to opening up a dialog on energy democracy, climate change resiliency, equity and justice for all, healthy, abundant, and affordable food, robust ecosystems, vibrant communities, and healthcare and education for all.

Your financial support is vital to fund CURE’s whole body of work, and we ask that you consider becoming a monthly sustaining member. For as little as $5-10 month you can become a sustaining donor. We make it easy and will also help you through the process.

More Stories

You will help create a future that works for all of us. Your investment will connect people with the wonderful wild places of the watershed. Your investment will fund trainings, workshops, roundtable conversations, study circles, house meetings, and People’s Assemblies. Your investment will help us to grow leaders within our communities, help people engage with candidates for state and local offices, and move forward an agenda that puts people and the land ahead of corporations and profit. Your investment will help members to create a new story for rural Minnesota.

Please join us in making 2018 a monumental year. Stand up for what you believe. Engage with CURE and support this work with a year-end gift or by becoming a monthly sustaining member.


Anne Borgendale




In gratitude,

Anne Borgendale
CURE Communications Associate,
and all the CURE Staff and Board