• Duane Ninneman, Executive Director
    Duane Ninneman is the Executive Director of CURE. He continues to serve as CURE’s Climate Program Director, the program area he has led since joining CURE in 2005. Duane concentrates on About Me
  • Peg Furshong, Operations & Program Director
    Peg Furshong joined CURE in August of 2012.  As the Operations & Program Director, Peg is responsible for internal operations including financial systems and budgeting, information technology and managing organizational performance, About Me
  • Erik Hatlestad, Energy Democracy Organizer
    In July of 2016, Erik Hatlestad became CURE’s new Program Associate continuing his work on policy issues surrounding renewable energy, rural electric cooperatives, and sustainable agriculture.  Previously, Erik worked as About Me
  • Dixie Tilden, Office Manager
    Dixie Tilden is the Office Manager and Community Relations Director at CURE.  She joined CURE in 2000.  Dixie provides the first point of contact for people learning about CURE and About Me
  • Andrea Fox Jensen, Consultant
      Andrea Fox Jensen is an independent planning consultant based in Litchfield, Minnesota and Rudkøbing, Denmark. She provides a range of expertise to organizations that serve the public good, including About Me
  • Anne Borgendale, Communications
    In October of 2017, Anne Borgendale joined CURE to work with Communications. She is responsible for CURE’s varied and integrated communications products and services, including newsletters and other print publications; About Me

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