Our Minnesota Future

Our Minnesota Future (OMF) is an alignment of 22 powerful organizations – labor, faith, community groups across our state – coming together to shape a new landscape. We believe that the forces of gender oppression, white supremacy, corporate power – forces that tell us that we should fear or even hate each other, must be dismantled.

What Our Minnesota Future is building:

OMF is building the power to govern. OMF wants people in power to be connected and accountable to us, to hold elected and appointed office, and to build new ways for everyday people to make decisions. OMF works to build strong organizations like unions and people’s organizations, they will stand up to corporate forces in our economy, and they will work to build and protect family farms, small businesses, and cooperatives. OMF imagines a different future, a new economy, a deeper democracy.

Our Minnesota Future Governing Priorities:

OMF wants a state that’s beautiful, resilient, inclusive, & liberated.

  • An economy that serves people
  • A guaranteed healthcare system that creates health
  • A public education system that is fully funded and that achieves educational equity
  • An ethic of stewardship and a response to climate change
  • Full gender justice
  • A state that supports families
  • To recognize that we are all part of a global community
  • To recognize and respect the sovereignty of First Nations
  • Affordable, dignified places to live, work, retire, travel, and play
  • A criminal justice system that shifts from relentless punishment to restoration and redemption

Our Minnesota Future Partner organizations:

  1. Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL) – organizing low-wage workers in Twin Cities, many Latino
  2. CURE (Clean Up the River Environment) – rural environmental and progressive organization in southwest Minnesota
  3. Communication Workers of America (CWA) – communication workers’ union
  4. Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) –  Enhance understanding of Islam, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.
  5. Education Minnesota – statewide teachers’ union
  6. Inquilidxs Unidxs por Justicia (United Renters for Justice) – organizing tenants in Twin Cities, many immigrants
  7. ISAIAH – faith-based progressive organizing group
  8. Jewish Community Action (JCA) – Jewish social justice group
  9. Land Stewardship Project – membership-based group working for stewardship of the land, family farms, food justice, and vibrant rural communities
  10. Main Street Alliance — organizing small businesses to have a voice on pressing policy issues
  11. Mesa Latina – organizing and advocating for issues important in Latino communities
  12. Minnesota 350 – environmental group focused on climate change1
  13. Minnesota Nurses Association – statewide nurses’ union
  14. Navigate Minnesota – immigration group, mainly Latino
  15. Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) – urban group working on racial and economic justice issues, especially with the African-American community and people of color
  16. Outfront Minnesota – organizing for LGBTQ rights and equality
  17. St. Paul Federation of Teachers – teachers’ union of St. Paul
  18. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 26 – service workers’ union, including healthcare workers, janitors, security officers, airport employees, school employees
  19. SEIU Local 284 — union representing school employees, bus drivers, university employees
  20. SEIU Healthcare Minnesota — union of healthcare workers, hospital staff and homecare workers
  21. SEIU Minnesota State Council
  22. Sierra Club – environmental organization
  23. TakeAction Minnesota – statewide progressive organizing group working on economic and racial justice issues
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