Glenn Gelhar, Treasurer

Glen GelharWhy have you chosen to serve on the CURE Board?

I believe CURE takes positive actions to preserve and protect our planet, and I am proud to participate in any way I can. I have seen how profoundly we have damaged our earth. We can, and must, take quick action to educate and demonstrate how to improve land and water use to keep our planet healthy for generations to come.

Tell us about your vocation/profession.

Glenn paddling the Minnesota River during CURE's River History Weekend.

Glenn paddling the Minnesota River during CURE’s River History Weekend.

I am a healthcare administrator, sailor, and farmer. I moved back to my family farm near Clarkfield, MN, from Seattle, WA. Currently, I am raising chickens and sustainably caring for my farm land.

I have had a lifelong passion for the water and am a licensed mariner. I love to teach sailing and have had the pleasure of teaching many. I’ve sailed solo across and around the Pacific in my own vessel.

Fun Fact(s):

I love cooking, especially with the produce grown in my garden. I love brewing beer, and I don’t play music often enough. I raised two wonderful men in Washington State where we could sail and ski all in the same day.

Glenn Gelhar was elected to the CURE Board of Directors in 2015.