Sean Carroll

Why have you chosen to be on the board?

I believe that effective social change requires relationships based on a shared vision, with space for shared leadership. I’ve been organizing for the past 15 years and bring to the table a perspective rooted in my experience across different movements: on environmental issues, with the labor movement, as a faith-based organizer, on college campuses, and on elections. I’ve worked at the regional, state and national level, and in both rural and urban communities. I’m a passionate fundraiser with over five years of experience at the grassroots membership-level, through online platforms, and with major donors.  

Tell us about your vocation/profession.

I’m the Organizing Hub Director for the RE-AMP Network: 175 nonprofit organizations and foundations across the Midwest who come together to set strategy and collaborate to fight climate change.  In this role, I develop training resources around organizing and consult directly with organizations across the region on strategic planning, building power, and planning campaigns. I live in Minneapolis with my wife Sarah.

Fun Fact(s):

I love biking, playing basketball and seeing jazz music. Some of my favorite places that I’ve traveled to include the Boundary Waters, Zion National Park in Utah, and the redwoods in northern California.