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Minnesota enthusiast, aspiring cool person, and excellent sidekick. Saying inappropriate things to people in power since 2007.

Norway Lake, Minnesota
Joined April 2010
Minnesota enthusiast, aspiring cool person, and excellent sidekick.  Saying inappropriate things to people in power since 2007.
Minnesota enthusiast, aspiring cool person, and excellent sidekick.  Saying inappropriate things to people in power since 2007.

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  1. Reason revoked permit is due to lack of consultation with local agencies & tribes on Indigenous cultural sites.

  2. Day 5 - camp takes in beautiful morning as their resistance to continues.

  3. Who would've thought that of all the dangerous animals in Australia, Rupert Murdoch would end up being the most deadly.

  4. A controversial surveillance firm was granted a powerful encryption certificate

  5. Who would have imagined Donald Trump's greatest fear was an economic debate?

  6. Interest In Electric Cars Is Rapidly Accelerating, So Why Are They Hard To Find? ( & )

  7. I just found this hashtag and the gif. So fitting. :D

  8. Tax breaks for big tobacco! Heck yeah! Safe Staffing @ St. Peter? NAH.

  9. The world is ending, McKale's in New London has take and bake pizza.

  10. Debate Heats Up about Preserving ND Family Farms via

  11. The Pentagon has made it virtually impossible to hold it accountable for just about anything

  12. Death threats and "crazy fucking people": Being trans in the age of bathroom bills

  13. Fossil Fuel jobs declining, but see workforce grow to 8 million:

  14. Feeling bold, so I read the comments on the Star Trib's article on SWLT. Was not disappointed.

  15. "Why not offer wind as part of community solar program too?" Good question.

  16. Jamez Staples "as entrepreneur my goal is to open up opportunity for people of color in good clean energy jobs"

  17. Cam Gordon, mpls city council: "need to make backup subscribers can exceed 40% rule to cover defaults"

  18. HF 2749 Conference Committee Report - 599 page budget bill posted at 7:28 pm. See if you can read it all

  19. Twelve page spreadsheet on HF 2749 spending $247 + million

  20. Supplemental budget bill is up. Lawmakers have 4 1/2 hours to read & pass 600 pages of legislation.

  21. Generational justice is not just about climate change and abolishing student debt, but also means addressing historical injustices.

  22. I'm bitter about the number of Canadians in this stadium. Build a wall, make Canada pay for it.

  23. apparently the other republican LAs were all "we owe you a case of beer for that," so I'm thinking a raise

    • @IENearth

      IEN is a North American network of Indigenous Peoples fighting for environmental justice

  24. Capitol police doesn't understand what the threat staff reported is. Neither do we.

  25. Now there's a state trooper. We just want to peacefully talk about racial disparities in Minnesota

  26. Shirlynn w/MN Black Nurses: "Racial disparities are a health crisis." Where's ?

  27. Not sure if GOP staff is getting fired or a raise after this

  28. The blatant racism and ignorance shown by 's LA is incredible.

  29. At the HQ of MN Republican Party & community folx are reaching out to Republicans to talk

  30. . isn't here, so we're asking staff if they support . So far no comment.

  31. . staff says he called the cops. We're just trying to talk to our elected officials.

  32. 25 people waiting outside Speaker Daudt's office demanding a meeting on the United Black Legislative Agenda.

  33. Gov Dayton, Lt Gov Smith, and many other Legislative leaders have already met with UBLA leaders. Speaker Daudt has rejected meetings.

  34. GOP House Majority Caucus office staff won't hear black citizens delegation.

  35. Intense excitement! Meanwhile, House Majority Caucus staff called security on delegation of black citizens.

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